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Why so many people has the need to post their pictures on amateur adult websites?
I guess they seek attention, but what is the point to post a picture without your face on there?
Nobody will know is "you"!
Most people know once your face is out there it could be posted anywhere, printed out,copied and saved on their computer.Your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors or even strangers might recognize you. It would be embarrassing to explain it or have people gossip about you. I would never post my picture anywhere just for the fact that anybody can alter it.
What is a good website for a beginning artist to post pictures to get feedback?
I am only on my second painting using acrylics and am wanting some feedback. I am going trying to make a self portrait of how I feel for an amateur art show. Where can I post a picture to get some good feedback?
Another one to try:

Just a word of caution, one of the problems with these open forums is that everyone seems to believe their opinion is worth voicing. You will receive a lot of bad information and hopefully some good. There are actual instructors that post on whereas wetcanvas has a disproportionate number of dabblers and self-proclaimed experts interested in arguing their point of view. If you are looking for friends to share and talk about your art experiences with it is fine. However, I would not rely on the advice received until you have figured out who actually knows anything there, or here and everywhere for that matter........ :-)
I have a picture sent to us that I think is an Amateur or Pro copyright, Picture. ?
Where can I check to see or post the Picture to see if anyone knows if it is a copyright infringement
Actually the way the law works, the image has a provisional copyright by the owner unless it is signed over or sold. Even without an registered copyright, if the photographer can show they took the image and emailed it, they would be able to take legal action to protect their work. Beyond that, the only way is to actually check the copyright office. There are fees involved and usually this service is provided by a company specializing in such things, such as a copyright law firm.
Any amateur photgraphy webites where i can post pictures?
thanks :)

This is the largest online community of amateur & professional photographers - Anybody can join, there's no age restrictions.

Its really good, and free to become a member. You can upload photos, people comment on them and you get 'clicks' for how popular your photo is. Its really fun and a great place to learn new photography techniques.

'Photographs have edges, the world does not' - Stephen Shore
What is the best web-site for Amateur photographers to post their photos for others to view?
I'm not talking about simple baby pictures or pics of friends to show family.... I mean something for more professional photographs that an amatuer would like to share with other photographers, that they could comment on....?

It is great!!!! You post your pictures there, and others can critique. You can critique others as well.

I love this this site! It's so much fun!!!!

I just recently took up photography as a hobby. I bought the Nikon D200. There are discussion boards on the site too that are helpful. Skill level varies from beginner to expert. It always amazes me how great some of the pics are there!

Have fun!!! is another great site for tips, but not so much for sharing photos.

Another reason why I LOVE "usefilm" is because it's a high traffic site, and the users are from all over the world....the site proves that photography is the "universal language." They have a language comments typed in any language can be converted to English (or any other language..)
Is It Ilegal To Post Naked Pictures Of Someone On A Amateur Adult Website?
My friend sent me naked pictures of a girl he talked to on Twitter but he never met her. He told me I can do whatever with the pictures since he doesn't talk to her anymore so I posted the pictures of her on a amateur site and a week later i was contacted by a "lawyer" that said that i need to take them down or I will face prosecution. I really think it's a friend of the female contacting me but i don't know for sure. Plus I have to ask them webmaster to take them down because after you post the pictures you can't take them off only the text. Was it ilegal to do what I did?
You would need a model release for someone over 18. You would need a defense attorney and a new brain if the person was under 18.
I'm trying to find companies that buy amateur photographs for calenders, post cards etc... can anyone help?
I'm just a amature photographer looking to sell some of my nature & scenery pictures, for greeting cards , calenders, postcards,etc... i know just regular, everyday people do it & i want to, also
Here's what U need:…

Where to post tasteful nude photographs?
I want to post my pictures where people can and will look free of charge. I don't want to put them in with a lot of gross pornography or stupid pictures made by drunken amateurs. I could do a private show, but nobody would know it was there. How can I show my pictures where people will look?
A lot of photographers post their fashion, glamour and tasteful nudes on One Model Place.

Take a peek
How much should an amateur charge for a picture?
i'm an amateur 15 year-old photographer and recently i've become obsessed with taking pictures of the moon. i got the nikon coolpix P90 for christmas and no joke it zooms in al the way to the moon. you can see all the craters and everything, it's so cool! so i posted a couple of pictures of it on facebook and one of my friends (who is a musician) wants to use my picture as an album cover. i told my parents and they think that i should definitely charge him for it. How much should i charge? do you have any websites for me to look at?
(i think $50 sounds good since he's a friend but really i have no idea what to base that off of)
by the way, i'm going to ask him how much he thinks i should charge him first off, but i would like to have a price in mind beforehand.
thank you in advance!
You're an amateur. Probably so is he. Forget the money.
Have him (and the band?) sign a copy of the album and frame it for you.
If he's any good, that bit of memorabilia could be worth far more than a few paltry dollars in a few years. Don't forget to ask for a credit on the cover.

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