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Of all the celebraties who have participated in Y!A, which is the biggest muncher?
I say it is easily that santimonious *** Bono. I have actually liked Leonardo DiCaprio since Departed.
lol oh man. I love U2 and I stay away from watching any media on what they do. I just like the music so if Bono turns out to be full of himself..I don't wanna know alalalalalaalalalalalalalalal
Did anyone else crack up laughing at all the gay jokes in Sopranos Season 6, Episode: Live Free or Die?
murmer-vito spatafore is an ***-muncher!

tony-let's take it in the back
mumur-yeah that's what vito would've done

tony-for all we know this sal guy's got a hard on for vito

carlo-think about it tone, the weight loss?
tony-nobody's got aids! i don't even wanna hear that word again!

corky caporeale-so i hear fat vito's been riding up the hershey highway
No. Its gay and immoral and not entertaining.
Why are vegetarians blaming us carnivores for the environmental impacts of beef production?
If cattle fart greenhouse gases and degrade the landscape through over grazing, surely we should get rid of them. I am doing my bit by eating them. Yet it seems the lentil munchers are blaming ME for the problem. All the while I have been buying steaks and mince to save their sorry asses and this is the the thanks I get?
Because its our fault.
What are some come backs to tease Italians?
italians where i live are pretty racist and they stuff to asians like "GO EAT WITH YOU CHOPSTICKS" "ASIANS CAN GET BLINDED BY A SHOE LACE" they stuff to indians like "CURRY MUNCHER" they stuff to jewish people like "TIGHT *** DON'T WANNA SPEND NO MONEY" they stuff to other nationalities aswell!! but no1 can tease them back??? there's nothing that you can tease about them you can't say "PIZZA MUNCHER" because everyone eats pizza? help wat cud i say?
I have a degree in Italian from a Far Western university. I know, and like, a lot of first and second generation Italians in Washington, Oregon and California, and I lived in Italy for a year--and I have to say it's been pretty much one long love affair between me and the civilization and the people of Italy (I consider Rome my Other Home). Then I moved to the East Coast for six months: Huge Shocking Disappointment! The Italians in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut are HORRIBLE crude, vulgar, nasty, Mob-connected urban peasants, who well deserve the name of Wop, Dago, and Greaser. They even speak barbarous, sub-literate Italian. Why you'd want to be friends with or "tease" such human offal is beyond me.
Hi My Gilfriend is EVILLL help me PLEASE?
my GF looks at my Phalic and rips it out of my boxers very rigoursly

and then she screams RAM me RAM me and sometimes wen we sleep together

she slaps me and goes PHALIC MUNCHER GONA GET YOUU!!

or i wake up and find her *** on my penis shes wearin a nurse outfit?

she also has the habbit of bringing her freinds and i cant keep slapin all of then coz my arms get tired they all go home with black eyes BUT THEY KEEP on comin its like the chinese in the korean war

it spooks me out i clappd the sket a couple times and handcuffd her to a radiator for 3 hours but she doesnt stop ?

any suggestions PELASE HELP


Is Australia a racist country for study?
This is a question that a lot of international university students are asking. The Indian media is very much pushing this question forward. So as an Australian University student that is white, I will give you my answer. I do not speak for everyone, but I speak on behalf on my group of friends from uni in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Yes and No. According to our History and to our conservative government policies regarding immigration, yes. (Please note this is partly why we got rid of our PM John Howard in 2007)

But to the public at large, No. It is a common misconception that our humor can be taken by some are racist, but I think you will find that you have every right to call me a fat lazy chicken skin stoner bogan, just as I can call you a curry muncher. If you can't take it as humor, then you will get offended by everything and everyone, and should go to the United States were everyone is uptight about the obvious visual differences.

To those who have not been to Australia, it is very multicultural here, especially in the cities and major country towns where universities are. My best friends are from Japanese and Pakistan. Everyone at University level, I guarantee on campus is not racist and if they are its humor, don't take it as offense and stop being such a hard ***.

Violence. Firstly that is mostly Melbourne, home of gangland wars. Secondly we have some assholes here, but you are unlikely to come across them. My advice is too avoid drunken areas on Fridays and Saturdays, if you are really that scared. Wednesday night is Uni night and a much better crowd. Cronulla riots in Sydney was a bogan response to some attacks on aussies by ethnics in that area some time ago fueled by alcohol. My school teacher was leb and she was awesome. We don't hate lebs, we hate leb gangs and everyone hates aussie gangs the same.

Our government is stupid. They do not give concessions on transport to non-Australian students, everyone agrees that should change as that is discrimination. But as for fee wavering on university course fees for overseas students, we generally feel that our taxes should not contribute to that of course.

If you are Indian and you like Cricket, I guarantee you will fit in at Australian Universities. So please, don't listen to the media.
I live in Melbourne but I don't see all that violence that the media says that has been happening. Of course, like any other country Australia has its fair share of racist people, but generally people are not racist with the intention to hurt someone.

I go to a school where there are many overseas students and there are a few racist students in my year level that insult them behind their back saying things like "F-ing Asians, get out of this country" and some rally on facebook to join some "Get out we're full" page.

Being Asian, sometimes on the street people drive by and yell racist comments although this doesnt happen very often. Besides that, it doesnt get much worse from my experience.
Old Pedo Is after me HELP?
Hi so im a stud looking champion woman desire killer muncher lover winner precocious sex bomb. So this is a real question, at my local gym there is a steamer and a sauna and 2 hot tubs. Every time about 11am there is a old wrinkly *** old fart who always sits next to me in the spa. As a nice gentlemen i am i move away. But what does he do? he moves even closer to me till our thighs touch. OMG right?, how should i settle this once and for all, should i seek a new gym? He will even ask me how my day was and pretend his leg is not touching mine. He looks at my lips and back at my eyes when i reply. Perhaps if this was a girl at my local relax haven i would be flattered. but really?? I told him i was not a homo and not interested into any monkey business but he decides to joke around me and says, i let you see my doodle if your lucky....Like wtf you old perv, now im slightly see what girls mean......
LMFAO!Tell him to screw off or switch gyms.
My life is freaking me out and I don't like who i am becoming?
Hey guys. Its my first post and I dont know where else to turn.

Anyway. I recently turned 18 and I feel like I am getting fairly popular where I live. The problem is, I have such a huge number of friends that I like and friends of friends that I know all over the place. I cant go into town and not see someone I met .

This new group of friends are very cool people. They get stoned. They get girls. They get pissed. They have close bonds. People love them. I actually fit in with them pretty well and I dont like the fact that I dont have a close relationship with any of them.

I went to a memorial 2 nights ago for one of their friends whom I didnt know. It was very sad to see them so down. But anyway, there was a party on later that night dedicated to him so we went. There was a guy who was talking to his friends and asked someone "who was that curry muncher at that memorial?" (referring to me). I heard this and got mad as hell. I got in his face and said if you say sh*t like that again ill kill you. I could tell he was a bit scared so I backed off. Someone I met a few hours ago told me he would jump in and kick my *** if I started a fight at his mates house who just died.

Later on that night I got very upset over what I had done. I just made some enemies which I am not used to doing. I was getting caught in this torrent in my head of negative thoughts.

I came to realise that this was not who I used to be. I used to be a quiet guy who used to get pushed around a lot and get called names multiple times a day for years. This doesnt happen to me very often anymore. Or rather, it does but I don't let it get to me or I gain respect in my oppressors eyes by talkin smack to them just like they have to me and gaining respect with other people that are highly regarded.

I should also mention I moved countries last year and left most of my close cousins, grandparents, uncles aunties etc who I miss and think about often.

Did I go overboard by telling someone I will kill them? I have a feeling that who I am becoming is not congruent with who I used to be and therefore I am making this worse in my head then it really is. Please someone tell me what is going on I really need help. It is affecting me very seriously.

Last night I almost broke down in tears listening to michael jackson - you are not alone. I was thinking about a girl that I am very much in love with and she also finds me attractive. The thing is she lives in a different state but in all honesty this is not where my problem lies. Or maybe it does. I am always so down that I could never get the girl of my dreams. Lately, I have been very quiet and thinking about where my life is going and the problems I have shared with you all reading this over the past few minutes.

thank you very much for reading, and I hope that my post isnt too out of hand. I tried to keep it short as well detailed. Thanks again.

You just overreacted like we all do sometimes. The frustration and anger from people calling you names from the past sometimes gets to you when you least expect it. At least you can write it down here and you know, it helps to do that. Try and get some decent people in your life with goals and ambition instead of dope fiends. That isn't a good way to go and you know it that is why you haven't become close to any of them. There are tons of people waiting for you to be their friend. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are a fine , articulate person and you will do well in life. Just surround yourself with other positive people and then one day another lovely young lady will appear and love will come again for you. Relax a bit. Curb your anger and anxieties if you can. Nothing comes from threats and uncontrolled anger but the exact same responses from the other person. Remember to make this your mantra in life:

That YOU will take the high road and when others are behaving badly YOU will do the right thing. It will hold you in good stead all of your life and you will attract wonderful people to you. Good luck. Glad you wrote.
Whats a good name for my Fantasy Baseball Team?
my past one's have been
The Italian Sausages
The *** Kickers
Team Below Me
The Butt Munchers

Im looking for a name along those lines
Athletic Supporters
Strike Force

©, ass muncher