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Why were the indians in cowboy movies always the baddies, when it was their land?
Growing up i was brainwashed like so many other guys of the time that cowboys and indian movie westerns were about goodies and baddies, the indians were always cast as evil and barbaric and the cowboys wre always heroes and hunk like, forgive me if im wrong but wasn't it about the cowboys stealing the land of the indians, and the roles should have been the other way round. no wonder they don't put them on anymore, in this day and age their would be a few mini wars.
You have to remember that history is written by the victors. The defeated are always portrayed as being in the wrong, and those who won as being in the right.

Having said that, there were numerous atrocities committed on both sides, in the battle for the West. Many Indians (or rather 'Native Americans') were massacred, but they could also mete out brutal revenge.

It's easy enough to say that the cowboys were 'stealing' the Indians' land. However, conquest of one people by another is a frequently repeated theme of history, and it can be argued that the Indians were not using the land as efficiently as they could; witness the fact that before Columbus, North America had perhaps ten or so million inhabitants, now it has over 300 million.

It's something that happened. The Native Americans deserve a better deal than they get today, but I would debate whether the conquest of America was all a bad thing.
Question about cowboy hats!?
Need help, been looking for this type of cowboy hat that i can't find. All I can find is the traditional "red-neck" style cowboy hat, curled up at the sides.

Does anyone know what this kind is called? It's the hat with a flat outer rim and it looks like it has a circular hunk out of the front of it, almost like a cookie bite, and it makes it come to two points at the front of the hat? You see it a lot in old western cartoons in black on the bad guys, and in a light white-ish or camel color in fivel goes west on the heroes.

Does this hat even exist outside of cartoons, and if it doesn't, why is it in every old western cartoon? I want it, but I can't find it.
u must not be from we have em EVERYWHERE!! if u have a western store in ur city try there...u might be in luck..but chances r...u prolly dont or u wouldnt have all i can say is look online for one..
What kind of pot did the Cowboys who built the west smoke?
what kind of rolling papers did they use? did a hunk of cow butt cure the munchies?
LOL this has to be the funniest question that I have ever read on Yahoo answers. First off cowboys always rolled there own cigarettes, so I'm assuming they already had rolling papers. second it had to be home grown because there really was no canadian connections like there is now and third I love beef jerky when I got the munchies!!
Aren't you gonna miss that hunky President George Bush?
I am sure gonna miss that sexy hunk of authority now he's gone. It was great having a president who could also easily be a model. He's a hunky cowboy from Texas. But he isn't just a pretty face, he's also extremely intelligent and very enlightened on foreign affairs.

So, one last time, let's hear it for George Studly Bush!
Yea baby! Um hm he's soooooo sexy.....He makes me want to ......wait.........gag!
Updates from the Fair...and other fun pieces of information.?
Hi all. As some of you may know, I have now spent half my life (little over a week - actually, but feels like a lifetime) at the fair with my goat girls.
Someone please remind me next year not to do this again....well at least for not this long of a stretch. I have had to swap out goats 3 times so far. Guess the girls cant take the pressure haha!. so much noise, so many guyren, so many little hands, so hot, so dusty, such long days...etc.
Anyway I have met some very interesting folks here. I will tell you 2 short stories, but then I have to scoot. This is the big weekend with all the Holiday festivities and I can't wait for Tuesday !!!
I have been befriended by a family from France who are here visiting their family with another livestock exhibit. These folks are very nice and the whole family are sporting mullets. Yes, thats right. Business in the front, party in the back "mullets" Apparently they are all the rage in Europe where they are pronounced "moolaays". lol!
hummmm, I guess everything old is new again.
The next little story happened yesterday.
I was standing in line at the beer garden. Hot, sweaty, dust covered. Picking random bits of hay out of my hair and dusting off my jeans to the best of my ability. Goat poo on my western boots...waiting for that beer...
"hey cowgirl!" I hear behind me, I turn figuring they're talking to me. I turn and standing there is this tall hunk of cowboy with 2 beers and hes handing one to me. "Thanks" I said reaching for the beer. What events are you riding in he asks, smiling at me. Oh, I replied, I'm here with a dairy goat exhibit. He reaches out, grabs the beer back and say " sorry, I mistook you for a REAL cowgirl! and walks off !!!
But...I sputter after him...but ... I have horses too......
and he was gone.
Whoa! dissed in the beer garden? poor Bo!

That boy should be whupped and his momma too, for not teaching him any manners!

Something tells me you not only could probably whup him yourself, but were really more interested in that cold!

Ranchers daughters are pretty much like cougars wrapped in snakeskin (at least the ones I know) . (thats a compliment btw)
Will I succeed in my quest to find an American hunk?
On this never ending highway of information? Somewhere out there is my beautiful stranger, any tips on finding him? Tried faceparty and they're all out on day release I'm sure. Tell me how to find my cowboy? Would it help if I frollocked in a field with some paper-mache horns strapped to my head?
I have a Brad Pitt look going on. But because mostly I am busy with work, I have little time to go 'dating'. So, to meet somebody like me you need to get out there and work and circulate. When you spot me, grab me.
What should be the name of the gay bar being considered for next to the ground zero mosque?
"Suspicious Packages" fav...



"Rama Dan"...

or maybe, Turbin Cowboy"...
I was partial to Outfidels and the 72 Virgin Drinks.
Girls: Who looks sexier-soldiers, cowboys, or a guy in a sharp suit?
(Sorry I had no idea how to categorize this question)
When I soldier that includes Marines, navy, etc.
Yeah I know they're all different people but the sight of a military hunk turns me into some kind of lady wolf. I really wish my fiance would wear his old uniform:-(
soldiers definately
What do you know about doughgots? Not doughNUTS, but doughGOTS...?
My grandma used to make them. They were basically fried hunks of dough. She'd make so many of them and we'd eat them with butter and jam while they were still hot. They were big, round fried pieces of dough and man were they ever good! It's been many years since my grandma died and the recipe wasn't in her recipe box. I'd like to make them for my grandpa this Christmas.
Years ago i read sometihng in a cowboy book about how they would fry pieces of dough on the campfire. i think they might have called them something else or had a different spelling...I don't recall. Any info anyone can give me about doughgots would be appreciated. Does anyone remember their grandma's or moms making these? Does anyone have a recipe?
What you need to recreate this recipe, is some sort of a kneaded biscuit dough. If you're in a hurry, you could buy some biscuit dough, flatten out the rounds with your hands or a rolling pin, and fry them. They would taste pretty good.

Based on your description, you should look into what is known in the southwest as Indian Fry Bread (sometimes called Navajo Fry Bread). In fact, upon thinking about it, I think a good recipe for IFB is going to be the closest to what your grandma made. In the southwest, people make these fried dough rounds into giant tacos, which is another great way of eating it.

Here's a recipe:

2 c. flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tbsp. shortening or lard
1 tsp. salt
3/4 c. milk, room temperature or slightly warmer
Oil for frying

Mix together dry ingredients. Cut in shortening until well mixed in. all but lard and water. Add milk and mix until soft dough forms. Knead until smooth and springy in texture. Make into 12 balls. Set aside for 30 to 45 minutes. On a lightly floured board roll each ball into a 4 inch circle. Poke a hole in center. Fry in oil at 365 degrees until lightly browned, turning once.
Need some advice on a boy that i like maybe a little much?
Okay- I'm 13, 9th grade, just moved here- from ACROSS---- the country (Utah,) and i really like this guy. we have some similarities- (Not bragging, just so i can explain- i hate saying this, hope you know that i'm not bragging-) I skipped a grade; just found out he did, too- that means he's 13 goin on 14, as well. and BOY- do i like him- and he is so cute, hot, hunk, what ever you want to say. He keeps lookin at me too. And he's my type- cowboy, southern, and totally sweet... really shy, though- doesn't talk much. So- anyways, i'm trying to let him know that i like him; with out being obvious, asking him for number, or whatever. nervous to talk to him- is there anyhting i can do? Also- this may seem lame- but for being shy- it's close enough. So I walked up to the front of the classroom to get my folder. Actually- 10 secs or less after- he comes up and stands RIGHT beside me. My folder was on the bottom of the stack, couldn't find mine, saw his, handed it to him- he said "Thank Ya" in that awesome deep, attractive voice. So anyways- his friend was standin there too, saw his folder, didn't give it to him. just went for mine. but i reached to give it to him- but stopped and just grabbed mine. do you think that was vague? Will he get the picture, or would he think i was just being nice? What do i do to get him to like me? I think he's from Texas, know he plays baseball AND! the guitar, and is a cowboy- and totally cute- really smart, too- which makes me feel good, don't have to change anyways. But we don't have too much in common- I dance, sing, write, and snowboard- like i said- i lived in utah. love the snow- he obviously likes heat. so what do i do? I can't talk to him, and the class is going to be over in about two months. Gosh!- I wish I had more time! I have to let him know that I like him soon! And on top of that, he hasn't had a girlfriend since like 5th grade, so at least hes not a playa, but what if he doesn't want a girlfriend? Will he ever ask me out? I mean- he LOOKED at me like 7 times today, and the other day, he stared at me for like 20 secs, and it was obvious- the teacher never stands back there. What should I do? I like him toooooooooo much! And it's driving me insane. I need to let him know that I like him? But how! Please give me a lot of advice. Even if it's vague- it might spark an idea... please read all of this- i really need to help..... thanks.........
hey im in 10 th grade i think u should talk to him first and just say hi or something if he saids hi back and starts talking to u just talk to him for awile if he likes u and hes shy then he probly wont talk to u first but if u start talking to him first then he will talk to u and after awile he will get use to u and start talking to u then just ask if he wonts to hang out or something then if he saids yes take him somewere and he will probly ask u out if he dosent then ask him if he likes u or just keep talking to him he will ask u out if he realy likes u

"i probly didnt help that much but i think he likes u" good luck

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