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Who doesn't mind babysitting a teen who is still diapered?
i need a babysitter for my diapered teen. so who will watch him for me?
I am assuming that your teen is delayed. You should find a sitter who has experience working with disabled people. You should always check references and conduct a background check when hiring a sitter. You may be able to go through a local agency to hire someone. Good luck. Im sure you will able to find a great caregiver.
Looking for diapered teens?
I am not a petafile! I do not need an address, please do not post one. I an a 15 year old boy looking for someone to talk to. Someone who shares a love for(or has to wear for any reason really) diapers... please, just leave like an e-mail or something, some way for me to talk to you.
Hey, I am an 18 year old male who also enjoys diapers. I am sick of the comments that people leave on these posts about how sick it is and what not, we can't control our desires. I am not able to use diapers as much as I would like due to the fact that I am attending college and am living in a dorm. My email address is diaperboy_2009@yahoo.com.
Swine flu and diapered teens?!?!?
I am 16 years old in less then one month i will be 17.
i have had the swine flu for 2 weeks(a very bad case of it)
last night i wet the bed
and so tonight i am wearing a depends diaper to make sure the sheets do not get wet
i told my mum and she was ok with it.she said if it continus i will have to wear goodnights which i am perfectly fine with but i only wet the bed 3 times in my life all right before christmas eve abotu 3 years ago

1)could an illness like swine flu cause tis?
2)could cough syrup that puts you to sleep cause this
3)could anorexia cause this?
4)do only babies wet their beds?
5)what can i do?
caffiene_addict_ny is right. So from grandparents to mom even though your mom is a druggie and a prostitute and then you went from vegetarian to anorexic in a matter of days? And you've been a model and had a tumor and blood clot? wow you are one busy girl. I wouldn't worry, with the added stress of swine flu that tumor and blood clot should kill you in a matter of days.
Do you think putting teens in diapers is an effective punishment?
also some teens like it, i find this humiliating because i need to wear diapers to bed for mdical reasons, and it is not a punishment and it does not turn me on. but i guess some people are like that! what do you think???
I have never heard of this form of punishment..and I could not imagine tt a teenager would allow this to happen. This seems very cruel and could really hurt someones self esteem
What are the best diapers for teens?
What are the best diapers for teens?
Like.... for a teen to wear, or a teen mother to change?
For a teen to wear I would have to say depends since they make adult sized diapers. Also, if it is a problem with leakage maybe you should look into pads. The best ones will be the nighttime ones which absorb more. Look around in the pad/tampon aisle!
For a teen to change... go pampers! Everyone tells me if I ever have a baby to not go cheap on the diapers because you get what you pay for! Most of my friends with babies use Pampers!
Why do teens have to wear diapers at night?
what I am trying to say is that why do teens hace to wear diapers at night.Do they have a bladder problem,do they wet the bed,ro do they jest wear diapers for fun.
some teens have bed wetting problems so they'd wear the diapers to keep everything clean and stuff...
DO you think diaper punishment for teens is effective?
its for a psych paper.
okay I'm going to need more explanation on this one.

They would just take it off, therefor it would be ineffective.
Where can I get diapers for teens and can i fit a Huggies size 7?
i weigh 120 pounds and the depends smalls are wayy to big for me?
and so are the goodnights l/XL
and i want a dipaer that opens at the sides so other poeple can change me
i am 16
I dont know about the huggies but i love diapers and Im 18. My girlfriend changes me so i know how you feel. Id try them though. And you dont need to grow up people just need to stop being judgemental. Its your world were just livin in it. As Rhiana said "Just live youre life."
Where can i get diapers for teens?
i know that i have asked alot of questions on the same subject.(srry about that)but i have told my parents,and i need to know where i could get diapers that will fit me.
Hillary is right on track, personally I would vote for her answer instead of my own.

If you are small enough in stature you can wear the goodnights and other brands of "baby" diapers for toddlers in the largest sizes, usually size 6.

If you are too big for that type of diaper then go into the Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens or any of the many other stores that sell incontinent supplies, as someone said, they are usually near the feminine pads and such, for that matter, you can even buy them on the internet and have them sent to your home in a descreet package.

I would recommend buying a brand name over a store name because they fit much better and leak a lot less. Personally I use Depends and you can get them in the small size which should fit those that are just a little too large for the bigger toddler sizes of diapers. They are a little more expensive but you can make them go farther by buying a store brand baby diaper and using it as a liner in the adult diaper. That way you can get more wettings before you have to change.

Whatever you finally wind up getting, I hope you enjoy your wearing them.

Good luck.
Are there any other teens who must wear diapers for medical reasons?
I'm sixteen and my doctor just told me that I have Urge incontinence. It started when I was fourteen in bed, and has led up daytime problems. I wear diapers all the time and I feel weird about it. My parrents don't really help either. I kept it a secret until I went to the doctor. They know now but I think for some reason they think it's my fault.

Well, anyway, I was just wondering if there are any other guys around my age who have to wear diapers for medical reasons.
I'm sure there are others. Has your doctor identified what neurologic disorder/disease has caused this? There are many medications that can treat this. You shouldn't have to suffer this way. If you doctor isn't helping you, you should seek another. You can be helped.

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