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Any teen romance books for teens/young adults?
OK, so i don't want anything stupid. Yes I have already read the Twilight books, and loved them, so PLEASE don't put them down on the list. I would also like it if the books had most of the "details" in it, if you know what I mean. No, I do not want erotica, but I do like some pretty heavy details during a couple parts in the book, not just one tiny little scene. So yea, if you could give me the title and the author that would be great! Thanks!
I am a total sucker for teenage romance books too...here are some of my favorites

you need to read any of Simone Elkeles' books: Perfect Chemistry, Leaving Paradise and Return to Paradise. They aren't supernatural at all...just about teen love.

If you want the supernatural love story like twilight- Shiver by Maggie Stiefvat would be perfect for you. It's a trilogy and very good. Sam and grace are such a cute couple.

-Alphabet Weekend by Elizabeth Noble- Main characters are in their 20s its about 2 best friends who do activities each weekend that starts with a letter of the alphabet-very cute
-Forget You-Jennifer Echols
-Amy and Roger's Epic Road Trip- Morgan Matson (this is written in a really cool style + is long)

Hope these help..they really are all great books and none of them are too supernatural which a lot of books are these days.
What are good websites to read fiction by other people?
I love to read, but sometimes I get tired of reading the work of the already famous authors. I want to read something else. What are some good websites to read fiction written by other people. I need free, and I prefer adult writing. No, not erotica...but stuff written by an adult. Teen writing is okay, but I get tired of reading about a 15 year old when I'm 19.

It's full of other people's writing, and has all kinds of genres. Some of it sucks, but there are some really great writers on there!
Need to find heavy erotica novels?
i want to find some erotica romance novels needs to have a storyline like the sex scenes really heavy and detailed i love books that do with the paranormal or angst teen like drama feel or have to do with scientist experimenting on sex heavy erotica romance
any book in a romance section

sookie stackhouse series
Any gay teen paranormal romance books out there?
I have read a bunch of teen paranormal romance books, like: the Twilight series, the Mediator series, the Blue Bloods series, Darkest Powers series, Wolves of Mercy Falls series, etc.
Now I am looking for any good GAY teen paranormal romance books. Or at least a gay paranormal romance book that isn't that heavy in the erotica section. For example, there is a book called "Shadow Walkers" by Brent Hartinger that is a prime example of what I am looking for. Does anyone know anymore?
Try Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff.

It's not exactly a teen thing but it's a great set of stories. Tony was a male prostitute until Vampire Henry Fitzroy took him under his wing. They're ex-lovers in this series and Tony has a new life as a PA on a tv set and has a crush on the male lead, though Henry is still around to help out. It's full of ghosts, demon's, wizards etc.

The original series was made into a tv show, Blood Ties, but unfortunately they cut Tony and that side of Henry's nature out of it.
Supernatural books more suited to adults?
Books like True Blood & Anne Rice. I have read twilight, hush hush, vampire diaries etc but I want more adult. Not for a teen or young adult readers.

They don't have to be just vampires, they could be any supernatural story. It doesn't have to be full on adult/erotica type, but just something that is more interesting and gripping.
Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse series
Melissa Bond - Sweet Lucidity series
Laurel K Hamilton - Anita Blake series
What's the most creative story you can come up with the word CAT?
Nothing involving sex or erotica. Generally for a teen/young adult audience
Mature - Need help with erotica mystery?
I am writing an erotic mystery. In this several characters (husbands, wives, teens) are involved in various sexual acts/crimes. However the main character is focused on catching the leader. How can I show the leader influencing others and participating in acts without giving away his identity before I am ready to?
First, try thinking about how you envision it, write down details, notes, etc.
Then write out the scenes over and over until you get across what you want. If that does not work, think of movies you have seen that had in them what you want to write out, go check out the book, and then practice writing in their voice and then wait a week, solid week. then rewrite the scenes.
The best thing you can ever do is practice and read, perfection comes from it...
Adult Romance/Erotica/Mystery(or Paranormal)?
I would love to find a series of books 5 or more.
Ones that have romance, with "erotic" scenes, with mystery or paranormal, or both.

If possible only books/series that have been published 2000-2009
I don't like to much drama, and I can't handle a lot of suspense, but I do like a little.
If there are any series that come to mind, remember ADULT romance/mystery.
Not young adults, not teens and definitely not guys. haha
5 stars to who ever gives me the most authors and or best answer.
Thank you!
Mercy Thompson series- patricia briggs
The accidentally series- dakota cassidy
Stephanie Plum series- janet evanovich
Undead series- Mary Janice Davidson
Those are all my favorites. I hope you like them!
I'm looking books like A Night Huntress Series. I loved the humor, action, and romance. Any suggestions?
I'm looking for something adultish but not full blown erotica. Also, I'm not that interested in to much teen vamp stuff but if its really good I'll try anything.
The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs or the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.

I like the Mercy Thompson series better but both are good.


For All Those Authors Out There, Would You Change your name if?
Let's say you want to write both young adult fiction for teens as well as erotica for adults
Would you use the same name that you used to author the YA books or would you go under a pseudonym for the erotica novels?

Thanks to all who can help
You would def want to use a pseudonym. That's the standard practice in publishing for any author that wants to "jump genres." Besides, you wouldn't want your YA readers to be accidentally picking up your erotica, would you?

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