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What do you think of teens wearing thongs?
last night my parents were having this argument about teens wearing them..what are your thoughts?
Well I'm a 16 year old girl. I own one thong. And I bought it because of a tight skirt I had to wear to a wedding party. I got it so you coulnd't see panty lines. I will wear it sometimes with jeans or whatever too. I think it's fine but I do think it's just nasty when you see teens wearing one and got the sides pulled up so everyone will know they got a thong on. That's just trashy looking. To me if you are wearing a thong or not is something that should be between you and your boyfriend.
Young teens wearing thongs?
I just wanted to know ur thoughts on teens ages 11-14 wearing thongs Do u think it's ok or not right y and y do u think they wear them jw
I dont have a problem with it, and I don't think anyone should. Its not like anyone else is going to be seeing their underwear anyways.

Now, when they start showing it to people...
Teens wearing thongs? Opinions?
I'm 13 years old, and suddenly I feel like I have an interest in thongs. Maybe it's peer pressure, or maybe it's just me being curious, I don't know why exactly. Many people in my grade wear them, and I would never know it unless I talked to them about it, as friends ofcourse (meaning it isn't hanging out everywhere). The thing is, me and my mom don't have a very close relationship, so how could I ask to get one without making everything extremely awkward? I REFUSE to go behind her back though, I have wayyyyy more respect than that.
Anyways, heres my reasons for wanting them...
1. My normal undies rise up everywhere and I'm constantly pulling down the wedgy. Now, I know with a thong it would be a constant wedgy, but it would be a thin band, and that would be MUCH better.
2. They 're cute! I know no one would (or should) see them at my age, but for me. My confidence...you know, just looking cute.
3. Normal undies always show through my sweats, it's super annoying, and honestly just looks stupid.

So, here's the question.
1. How do I ask my mom?
2. If your against thongs, tell me why.
3. Your opinion on teens wearing thongs.
I've gone through this when I was 13. Simply the next time I was at the mall and we walked by Victoria's Secret I said "Hey, mom, I need underwear." Then, when we walked in there (I never shopped there previous to this) I just picked out some thongs. She didn't really try and converse on that knowing it would be a little strange, but I think that's probably the easiest must not awkward way to do it. Just tell your mom you need underwear, then, pick out some thongs. She most likely won't really comment on it, but if she does tell her how you feel (basically just what you put on this question) but make sure you say it in a respectful way.
Also, I am definitely not against thongs. My opinion is that you should be able to wear whatever underwear you please because people won't see it anyways (or shouldn't).

Hope I helped(:
Poll: How many teens/adults like wearing thongs?
A lot of girls in my grade like wearing thongs I want to know if I start wearing them If Im not alone.
I don't usually. I have one but I never wear it. I'm almost 18. I guess it made me feel sexy,lol, but once I got over that I thought it was mostly uncomfortable. If you want to wear one though, go for it. No big deal,haha. Everyones got a personal preference.
What do think of male teens wearing womens panties and thongs?
I'm fifteen years old guy and for some reason I have the urge to wear panties. So one day when I was at my friends house I went into the laundry room when my friend was busy and stole one of his hot mom's thongs(clean of course). I put it on when I went home and loved it Instantly. I hide it from my parents and wear it when get home from school and on weekends.

I just want to get your perspective on whether this is normal or okay to do?
First of all you should not be stealing panties from your friends mom. Second, it is not normal for a guy wanting to wear women's underwear. That being said, there is nothing wrong with it. I started wearing panties around your age. I went to the store and bought them. I was really, really nervous but had such a feeling of accomplishment afterward. I have since gotten to the point that the sales lady helps me find new, fun panties to wear. You just want to be careful you don't get caught, if you wear them to school. They will tease you relentlessly.
What age should teens wear thongs?
I am 15 and i wear bikini styled panties. What age should girls wear thongs at?
It's solely up to you as it is a clothing preference, however because you are a teen I would ask your mom or dad's positioning. Some parents are not so cool with it because they are afraid it will be sticking out of the back of your pants and boys will be all over you- not to mention you could get in trouble at school for innapropriate dress.

I started when I was 14 mainly because panty lines were killer. Im 21 now and have many pairs for that reason.

So sweetiie, it's your choice, if you are comfortable in them and you are trying to avoid panty lines, but please please please, dont let it stick out of the back of your pants, its not cute its actually tacky and pretty skanky looking.

also, companies like hanes and fruit of the loom make some comfy ones, so you dont have to pay a fortune for cutsey pairs that actually hurt.

OH! Never wear them to bed, the tight fabric around such a "tender" spot can cause sweat and loisture and lead to infections- not fun. So wear during the day, but change into some comfy cotton briefs at bedtime.

Good luck!
Teens how come ghetto girls dont like wearing thongs?
this was a qestion from earlier instead of saying why black girls dont like wearing thongs i should have said white ghetto girls dont like wearing thongs, im guessing because you cant buy thongs in the ghetto

you can buy thongs in the ghetto, just go to target
PARENTS AND TEENS: Do you think it is okay for teens to wear thongs?
I am 13 and I want to wear a thong for the reason of no visible panty lines. Do you think it is okay for teens 13-15 years old to wear them? I am asking the opinion of both parents and teens. I am a christian and have been raised very modestly, and I would NEVER show the thong to anyone. What do you think? I would like your honest opinion.
Yes, it's just underwear and it's their body. Wearing thongs doesn't put a teenager's life in danger so I don't see why there would be an objection to wearing them. They help with panty lines too.
What percentage of teens wear thongs to look sexy?
not to hide pantie lines
if u r a teen who wears one please honelty awnser
if lie or tell the truth it wont matter cause i dont know u
I think they're cute and they do give off some sex appeal.
They're good for hiding pantie lines,so i typically wear them for that reason also.
I usually only wear regular underwear when i have my .
but i do wear both types of undies.

mine please?
Do male teens wear male thongs to school?
This is referring to males that are straight.
ive done it before

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