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All Comments

Should we sympathise with anorexic teens/models?
I was looking through at all the images of the so-called "up and coming models of the 21st century" and I actually started to feel jealous of their tiny little waists.
In some respects, I admire the effort that is involved in starving yourself - you must admit, it takes some amount of effort.
But how can I sympathise with spoilt little boys and girls complaining about their waistline when you see pictures like these?


That's what I was sent when I started to complain too much about how "fat and miserable" I felt, it puts things in perspective.

So who would you sympathise more with? Them? Or her?

The first and third pics on the bottom are photoshopped. They are from pro-ana sites.

And you SHOULD sympathize with them. It's a mental illness, and if you feel no sympathy, then you can go FU*K yourself.
What's the perfect teen model body? Can I become one?
can I actually become a model like my mom and family keeps assisting on me trying to do. im almost 14 (8th grade) and tall like my parents and from cheerleading at 5'10"/118lbs. my waist is 24",hips 33",bust 33". not like I actually listen to him, but it's my older smaller brother that keeps knocking me and saying i would make a horrible model but i think he's just jealous. he just turned 17 and is really short like our aunts and grandmas at 4'8"/77lbs so... haha he hates looking up to me all the time and when my family always tells me i should consider it he gets all negative. well here's a pic of me, am i model quality? or do you agree with my tiny,rude older brother?
He's wrong....try it....maybe u might like it...but only do it if you are interested, not just because someone else suggested it.
I really want to become a teen model.?
im 15 years old 5'3 and 94 pounds im really tiny and thin. i've wanted to been a model for a long time and my parents support me, they just said to find good information about how to get started and how to find a good agent. can you help me outt?
thanks alot for helping me fallow my dream!
That site is really good with modeling stuff- apply there.

Also, i want you to know that being thin isn't all there is to being a model.
-you usually need to be tall (requirements are usually 5'8)
-you have to have a good face as well. this means clear skin (a must!), well done makeup, good hair (medium to long is the most wanted), done eyebrows, white teeth, and nothing should be to ill proportioned (eyes that are too close/wide apart, big ears, etc.)
-you have to be comfortable with showing skin (it will be extremely difficult to become a successful model later on if you're not willing to bare all).
-you must be well groomed (this means healthy hair on your head, but the rest of the hair on your body is taken care of (shaved/waxed legs, arms, bikini area, facial area)
-you should be comfortable with wearing fur (this isn't a must, but it will come in handy later on in life- though there are many successful models/celebrities that speak out against animal cruelty!) [i recommend you don't do fur- but that's just my opinion]
-you need to be comfortable with the fact that some agencies will make you change your look. (this means that you have to be willing to cut/color your hair or get extensions, fix your teeth if you have a gap or anything of that nature, tan, gain/lose weight, etc.) while some agencies may ask you to get plastic surgery- breast enhancements or nose jobs most likely- this isn't a must; it's up to you weather or not you want plastic surgery.

along with these you have to know what type of model you want to be
-catwalk model; should be tall (at the least 5'7), thin, with small chest. (also required is the ability to 'walk')
-underwear model; this is for those who are thin, but have larger breasts/butt.
-plus sized model; doesn't apply to you.
-other model; there is also the option of just modeling one aspect of you body (i.e; a hair, hand, or foot model)

other things to consider are your 'look' (california girl, chic new yorker, waif-ish european, girl next door, etc.). your portfolio (you need one but depending on your agent you'll either make one yourself or have an agency help). and your ability to photograph well (you need to practice this-different looks for instance, but you also need to be able to be aware of your entire body and how to position it; this will takes a lot of time but with practice will improve). some other things are you need to be able take direction well (never argue with the photographer/designer), and you need to be willing to travel.

if you're interested in modeling for abercrombie (guys) send your photos to models@abercrombie.com.

some of this stuff only applies for older models, so since you're in your teens, you don't really need to be worried about your height (yet.), showing skin (until you're 18), or plastic surgery (you still may get asked, but it's less likely). while you may not be looking to be a certain 'type' of model yet, it certainly helps- girls as young as 16 are modeling for runways around the world; and i think (i'm not positive) that there have been 17 year-olds modeling for victoria's secret's PINK - www.pinkmodelsmanagement.net/

in the links section i've put in some links to agencies, 'how to model' sites, and contests.

anyway. i really hoped this helped! i used to want to be a model (i'm like you, very naturally thin- 97 lbs.), so i know a bit. i'd really be interested to know how it goes with everything. good luck!
Kendall Jenner's a teen model!!!!!!!!?
can you guys believe it. kendalls a model. i was on khloes site and it said that she was signed by wilhelmina modeling agency! it also that shes already 5'9" at 13. i'm sooooooo jealous. i mean, when the first season started she was a tiny 11 year old and was like 4'8". now, 3 years later shes a tall, slender, beauty now joining the modeling career. im sooooooo happy for her. kylie would be a great model too, but would fit more in the acting career. can you believe it. shes gonna get payed now!!!!!!! her and kylie should start a blog together. i hope they talk about her modeling in the next season. she is gonna succeed- i know it
Sorry..... who are Kendall and Kylie?
WTF Miley Cyrus' performance at Teen Choice Awards?
When I saw Miley Cyrus' performance on the Teen Choice Awards this Monday, my jaw dropped. Literally I was speechless. What the hell is she doing? I understand she's trying to get away from the Disney image but why is she taking this path? Wearing slutty clothes (and you can't deny that - tiny shorts, heels and some tank top that exposed half of her bra), and even going as far as getting a stripper pole as a prop, to prance around on stage with. And she even went
the extra step and slid down the pole at one point! I agree with her supporters that she wasn't actually pole dancing, but come on guys it was the whole scene in general! The set up with the clothes and the prop..

I'm 17 years old and I can't believe Miley Cyrus is giving up her good girl image to become another Lindsay Lohan, only minus the drugs but....

All I know is if I were a parent and my guy was watching this supposedly innocent teen role model performing on stage dressed like that and "dancing" that way, I would turn off the TV. How inappropriate for guyren to be watching. And you can't say "well they should have just turned off the TV." Because who knew she was going to come out in that manner?

Better yet, she should know better than to display herself to the world that way. Does she have no thoughts of consequences? How are young guys supposed to react to this? Are they going to start dressing like that, showing off their bras and thinking "it's okay because Hannah Montana did it!"

Now I won't deny I used to listen to her songs and I never really had an opinion on her, I just thought she was another teenage Disney star who's doing the right thing and making lots of money. But after seeing her performance, I have no respect for her anymore.

Oh what fame does to these guys.
Couldn't have said it better myself
However, there are some teens who are actually smart
Besides that wasn't COMPLETELY teen choice awards' doing She is a choreographer so I'm sure she danced the way she wanted And teen choice awards doesn't dress her, she dresses herself And the pole, they could have at least used an umbrella, because it's an ice cream trolley, that's what you're supposed to have, and it would have made her sluttiness less obvious

Uhm, she was pretty much pole dancing, sliding up and down a pole is pole dancing What is teen choice awards trying to do? Persuade us teens that pole dancing is the 'in' thing now and that we should all wear backless shirts to show off our bras and dip it low so that people can get a good view of our crotches? Uh no thanks but I have standards and morals and no that is what SLUTS are into wearing nowadays not teens Don't generalize because I definitely do not wear ho-ish attire like that

If that's how teen choice awards intended it to be, than they must be on crack because that will only encourage the masses to become slutty, if not sluttier

Yeah who cares what other teens do, she's a CELEBRITY, thus being she is a role model She's the reason a lot of teens are how they are, slutty and what not

Actually, if she was an adult and performed how she did, people would be okay with it because she's an ADULT however she's a teenager


Hjwhatever is stupid because he wastes his time insulting people who watch television when he is on the internet making him a complete hypocritical moron

And what Mr stfu doesn't realize is he wasted his time reading it and replying to it like the poster gives a damn what he thinks
Kid modeling as a teen?
I'm really tiny and look very young. What is the height requirement for Abercrombie guys? I'm only a few inches over 5 foot, and am having trouble finding a close agency at the moment. Thank you.
There are no height requirements for print modeling. I love runway but am only 5'1 so I have to do print/commercial except for the occasional calls for a petite boutique. Check out the abercrombie website. They usually have a section for "fresh faces". This is where you can submit yourself without having an agent.
Why use any kind of punishment?
O.k. I've been reading for a week or so and I see so many mom's who punish thier little bitties. Babies! guys under five are to tiny to understnad all that well what the reason for physical discipline is, they simply know they can get in trouble and it happens whenever they are curious and thier attitudes end up so much more wary, scared, nervous and plain old deceitful if physical discipline is used. My Brother was never disciplined and he is a model teen. Truely, I never once had to tell him more then twice, never. No slapping, hitting, corners, spankings., nothing. Not even time outs! he didn't get seriously reprimanded until 5 (yelled at). My daughter and all the guys I nannied, (five families, all had two or more guys) never needed any and they behaved better then most guys, they strived to master new skills and good manners for thier own benefit!! not out of fear, whats the deal? why so many moms who think that "discipline" works? why do you feel you need it?
I slapped little fingers when they played with an electric plug.

I timed out little ones for a few minutes when sharp words didn't stop them from an activity that I wanted to stop.

Once in a while, I put baby to bed for a while when they were terribly fussy. Usually, they went to sleep, too.

And then, I found a few minutes, when we were both calmer, to explain why they shouldn't do this thing.

I never did beat them, nor use a belt or brush, nor hurt them physically. Neither did I call them names.

The time for structured discipline is between the ages of 1 - 6 years, to teach them the things that will never leave them. This is the time that they learn the most.
Teens: What is your opinion on airbrushing models?
in my opinion, i think it is stupid.
It makes girls (and boys, not being sexist here) want to look like them.
when i look in magazines, or on the tv, all i see is airbrushed photos.
where are the natural people!?
is it just me or do other people think that airbrushing is such a bad thing, because it covers up reality?
They make their size zero models look even smaller, they delete tiny blemishes on people's almost-perfect complexion?
These magazines tell us that no one is perfect and that we should embrace who we really are, yet they have people behind the scenes working day in and out to make sure their models look fantastic.

what are your opinions?
People want airbrushed models, thats the whole point.
Question about Teen Porn ..? HELP !!?
Okay , so I'm new to the whole online **** industry.
So I stumbled onto this Legal **** Website called www.freesexdoor.com
and it said that all the models depicted in the videos are certainly over the age of 18.

But, my stupid laptop kept freezing up while I was visting the **** site, so I accidentally typed in "16" in the **** site's search bar !!

My intention was to type "16" in the Built-In Yahoo computer browser since I was going to search up that show called "16 and pregnant".

Do you folks think that the **** site will accuse me of trying to search up Sex Videos with people aged 16 JUST cause I typed "16" in the **** website's search bar by accident?

Yup, all my friends say that this is a pointless question, but I do have OCD and I'm constantly worried about this tiny problem.

HELP !!!
Ugh, mature answers please !!
Okay, to answer your question directly and with certainty:
No. The site will not accuse you of trying to purposely search for age porn. So long as you didn't click on any of the videos it hopefully did not provide.

Seriously dude, you have nothing legally to worry about. Just let it go.
Will People treat my any differently?
Im a teen model (im 16 going onto the 11th grade) I'm a commercial model, i do commercials & ive done a tiny 10 second cameo in a tv series. My commercials (ive done only about 3) were on our local tv channel, which everyone watched. i didn't tell a person when i got signed to my agency but as soon as the commercials came out they all knew. I'm going to a new school soon & ive heard of people getting harassed because of it (people that are now famous adults, that got bullied during school for getting noticed). I don't think that will happen to me. How could people react to me? im not a celebrity or anything, im just a commercial model.
If anyone says anything, be like, "Hell yeah that was me! And I made serious fukkin bank!".

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